Meaning of kill ratio in English:

kill ratio


  • The proportion of casualties on each side in a military action.

    ‘Rima, the kill ratio is what's important and it looks like it was at least 20 to 1 in favour of the IDF.’
    • ‘I want to ask the panel, including you, Larry, if there is an invasion and there are people lost, what would be an acceptable kill ratio if the Americans killed were your child or grandchild?’
    • ‘The general's staff officers manipulated body counts and kill ratios and reports of desertion and falling morale among the enemy to gradually compile these proofs of imminent victory he now displayed to the newsmen.’
    • ‘Only in the independent film world can you really create films without neat bookends, perfect organic plot curves, kill ratios, and enhanced body parts.’
    • ‘The Navy saw a significant improvement in its pilots' kill ratios over Vietnam.’