Meaning of Kilner jar in English:

Kilner jar

Pronunciation /ˈkɪlnə/


  • A glass preserving jar with a metal lid which forms an airtight seal, used to bottle fruit and vegetables.

    ‘If freezing and wrapping seems too much like hard work, pesto will store well refrigerated in a Kilner jar for about three weeks.’
    • ‘He found that his great-great-grandfather Caleb Kilner invented the screw-topped, rubber-sealed Kilner jar in the 1890s - but the family fortune was squandered.’
    • ‘Airtight storage for preserving food is now taken for granted, yet such items didn't exist until the 1890s when the world-renowned ‘Kilner jar’ went into production.’
    • ‘He also uncovers the fact that one of his forbears is not only called Kilner, but was a glass manufacturer - the inventor of the world-renowned and still used Kilner jar perhaps?’


1930s from the name of the manufacturing company.