Meaning of kilovolt in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɪləvɒlt/


(also kV)
  • 1,000 volts.

    ‘There is a procedure to do that with minor power lines - that is, those of less than 100 megavolt amperes and 110 kilovolts.’
    • ‘You also have to watch out because some generator manufacturers are now labeling their units in kilovolts instead of kilowatts.’
    • ‘Demand for electricity is currently growing faster than it is able to be supplied; however, new power lines of 33 kilovolts have been completed.’
    • ‘The more copper and iron in the alternator, the less heat is generated, and more kilovolt amperes are capable of being produced.’
    • ‘By creating a potential difference of several kilovolts between the needle and the chamber walls, an intense electric field can be produced at the exit of the needle.’