Meaning of kinetically in English:



See kinetic

‘Each of these phases originates from one primary step in the cross-bridge cycle that is linked by different degrees (i.e., steady-state or kinetically coupled) to upstream and downstream steps in the cycle.’
  • ‘Recent studies of molecular evolution in defined subregions of the myosin head have revealed unexpected sequence similarity in distantly related but kinetically similar myosins, suggesting a process of convergent evolution.’
  • ‘Inside, we find shambling, carefully sculpted poetics that take full advantage of their capacity to surprise and startle: no two pages look the same; the text kinetically rambles over the available surface area.’
  • ‘The reasons for this are not totally clear, but one possible explanation may be that we are simulating a system that is inherently unstable and is kinetically trapped.’
  • ‘Though the figures are deathly thin, the asymmetries of their profiles force the mind's eye to shift kinetically back and forth, stirring the viewer to feel the images' vital energy.’