Meaning of kinetoscope in English:



  • An early motion-picture device in which the images were viewed through a peephole.

    ‘Like a film version of the book ‘Low Life,’ these kinetoscopes offer a fascinating glimpse into lowbrow urban pop culture at the turn of the century: sex, death, crime and bloodsports.’
    • ‘The record comes into focus with ‘Nobody's Playing ’, an introduction that clearly defines a piano-scored slip into Americana, falling through memories real or imagined, recorded on stuttering kinetoscope and dug up a century later.’
    • ‘There, Robert William Paul produced a cheaper version of Edison's kinetoscope and gave a public performance in March 1896.’



/kɪˈniːtə(ʊ)skəʊp/ /kʌɪˈniːtə(ʊ)skəʊp/