Meaning of king's pawn in English:

king's pawn


  • The pawn occupying the square immediately in front of each player's king at the start of a game.

    ‘For example: as an opening move, advancing the king's pawn is obviously superior to advancing either of the rooks' pawns one space.’
    • ‘At the opposite polarity, if the white king's pawn is captured in the future, there are no other counterparts eliminated.’
    • ‘The king's pawns are royal but the kings are not.’
    • ‘Don't expose your king after you've castled, (in the midgame you will want to move one of the castled king's pawns forward one).’
    • ‘Mainly you want to concentrate on attacking him to serve mainly as a distraction for moving your king's pawns (along with the king) as quickly forward as possible to attain a few more queens.’