Meaning of king-hit in English:




informal Australian, New Zealand
  • A sudden knockout blow.

    • ‘The 30-year-old Williams was outed for 18 matches by the NRL judiciary following his king-hit on Wests Tigers veteran O'Neill at Leichhardt Oval last month.’
    • ‘The Melbourne forward yesterday had his appeal against an 18-week suspension for a king-hit on O'Neill dismissed by the NRL judiciary chairman.’
    • ‘What Sunday is expected to claim was a king-hit from behind, Latham told John Laws was ‘a bit of crowd control’.’
    • ‘A king-hit, it seemed, was like the very coolest thing in the whole wide world, and for that reason Jeff, by performing that one simple act, had achieved a kind of instant celebrity status.’
    • ‘He didn't see it coming and can't remember what happened afterwards, but he says he will never forget the king-hit that knocked him out on Saturday.’
    blow, hit, knock, thump, thwack, box, jab, fist, cuff, clip, smash, slam, welt, straight, uppercut, hook, body blow


[with object] informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Punch (someone) suddenly and hard.

    • ‘That tackle led to Williams king-hitting O'Neill in back play’
    • ‘Lawrence was ejected from the pub and then is shown coming back into the pub and king-hitting a bloke who collapsed to the floor.’
    • ‘Convinced he was about to be king-hit, Banks threw out his forearm.’
    • ‘Seven reported the driver was king-hit and fell on his head and was now in a critical condition in hospital.’
    • ‘I heard on the radio this morning that the slime who king-hit him is already on bail for similar violent attacks.’
    strike, slap, smack, cuff, punch, beat, thrash, thump, batter, belabour, drub, hook, pound, smash, slam, welt, pummel, hammer, bang, knock, swat, whip, flog, cane, sucker-punch, rain blows on, give someone a beating, give someone a drubbing, give someone a good beating, give someone a good drubbing, box someone's ears