Meaning of King Kong in English:

King Kong

Pronunciation /ˌkɪŋ ˈkɒŋ/


  • A person or thing of outstanding size or strength.

    • ‘a King Kong of a man’
    • ‘a King Kong spider legged it across the floor’
    • ‘If you want a combination of these delicacies, order the bouillabaisse, which comes in a slim glass bowl, with a King Kong lobster claw sticking out the top.’
    • ‘It is the King Kong of King Kongs of all plant life.’
    • ‘Back in the days when 18 wheelers were the King Kongs of the road well that's when I won the Lotto folks, and achieved my hearts desire, and I built this big jet powered truck and put her out for hire.’


From the name of a huge ape-like monster featuring in the film King Kong (1933).