Meaning of kingbird in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɪŋbəːd/


  • A large American tyrant flycatcher, typically with a grey head and back and yellowish or white underparts.

    Genus Tyrannus, family Tyrannidae: several species

    ‘Over 350 species of birds have been recorded in Worcester Country, including pelicans and pewees, kingbirds and cuckoos, herons, harriers, and eagles.’
    • ‘From the Atlantic coastline to the Pocomoke River and Forest, Worcester is home to pelicans and peewees, kingbirds and cuckoos, and herons, harriers, and eagles.’
    • ‘I saw mockingbirds and bluebirds on my slow drive back, but grosbeaks, tanagers, kingbirds, and buntings are apparently not back yet.’
    • ‘Larger forest birds such as the grey kingbird, the streaked saltator, or the tropical mockingbird flit among the taller tree branches.’
    • ‘We also have an Eastern kingbird indicating he'd like to make his home here.’