Meaning of kingie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɪŋi/


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • short for kingfish

    • ‘it was a job to land a kingie and get the hook free from his jaw’
    • ‘He has been out a few times with yellowtail kingies, mowies, and nice sized squire coming home in the icebox.’
    • ‘There are good kingies, and the crabs are starting to show up in the Richmond.’
    • ‘It was only a matter of time before it was hit by the marauding kingies.’
    • ‘It is an outstanding spin reel for kingies or salmon when used with braid.’
    • ‘The soft plastic baits are dynamite on nearly all our saltwater species from kahawai to kingies.’
    • ‘There will be even more bloody snags reeling in Kingies and snapper now!’
    • ‘My host used a live piper fish as bait and within moments a kingie struck.’
    • ‘The one that got away was actually a very big kingie.’
    • ‘This rod has the power to stop a kingie or a large snapper with ease.’
    • ‘You should reel in squid—bait it up for a kingie or take it home for some calamari.’


Early 20th century abbreviation.