Meaning of kingside in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɪŋsʌɪd/


  • The half of the board on which both kings stand at the start of a game (the right-hand side for White, left for Black)

    ‘he can build up on the kingside at his leisure’
    • ‘he attacked by advancing his kingside pawns’
    • ‘It would really be wonderful if White could get the Bishop working against the Black kingside the whole game through.’
    • ‘Black's plan is obviously to advance his kingside pawns, but he must do this carefully lest he weakens his king.’
    • ‘Bareev's king was chased from the queenside back to the kingside, when he resigned after 47 moves.’
    • ‘White's kingside pawns advance to constrict and hopefully attack Black's position.’
    • ‘In the game White plays an overly direct plan of attack, misplacing all his major pieces on the kingside.’