Meaning of kinship group in English:

kinship group


  • A family, clan, or other group based on kinship.

    ‘A clan is a corporate kinship group whose members are considered blood relatives and claim descent from a common ancestral spirit, but who may not know their precise genealogical relationship.’
    • ‘In the absence of salient physical differences between Manchu and Han, the notion of common descent proved a powerful tool for uniting different lineages into an enormous kinship group capable of collectively opposing the Manchus.’
    • ‘This attitude that family members should take care of one another extends to all relatives as well as the larger kinship group, which might include persons not directly related but considered family.’
    • ‘The chapters on India and Africa are accounts of empirical research done more than 20 years ago amongst largely rural communities within the context of a residential kinship group.’
    • ‘A man belongs permanently to the kinship group of his father, while a woman changes membership from her natal kin group to the kin group of her husband at the time of marriage.’
    group of families, sept, gens