Meaning of kirby grip in English:

kirby grip

Pronunciation /ˈkəːbi/


(also Kirbigrip)
  • A type of hairgrip consisting of a thin folded and sprung metal strip or wire.

    ‘The model was fresh-faced and rose-lipped, her wavy hair caught in a simple kirby grip (very boarding school, very debutante).’
    • ‘On the ferry, I spent most of the time trying to punch holes in the shoebox lid so that they could breathe, but my only weapon for this was a kirby grip.’
    • ‘Other types of hair grip such as kirby grips come in basics - e.g. brown kirby grips, black kirby grips, silver kirby grips or gold kirby grips and of course loads of kirby grips with decoration or motifs.’
    • ‘I would sit at the dressing table, splaying the legs of a Kirbigrip or rescuing strands of her hair from the spongy hedgehog of her hairbrush, or I would snoozle down in her vast wardrobe, among the scents of a fur coat or ballgown.’
    • ‘The ribbons are secured in the hair with numerous visible kirby grips around loose twisted buns, and although replicating the look exactly isn't really an option for the Real World, ribbons make an easy hair accessory, especially when you grip them in!’


1920s named after Kirby, Beard & Co. Ltd, of Birmingham, England, the original manufacturers.