Meaning of Kirlian photography in English:

Kirlian photography

Pronunciation /ˈkəːlɪən/


mass noun
  • A technique for recording photographic images of corona discharges and hence, supposedly, the auras of living creatures.

    ‘You know, there's a certain kind of photography now, Kirlian photography, which can actually photograph your aura.’
    • ‘You may also use Kirlian photography to capture auras on film.’
    • ‘I was distressed that my students confused astrology with astronomy, accepted pyramid power, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, Kirlian photography, and psychic surgery without the benefit of a scientific critique.’
    • ‘There seems to be no evidence that Kirlian photography is a paranormal phenomenon.’
    • ‘There have even been claims that Kirlian photography can reveal parts of an object that are no longer physically present - for example a section of a leaf that has been torn off.’


1970s from the name of Semyon D. and Valentina K. Kirlian, Russian electricians.