Meaning of kiss of life in English:

kiss of life

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  • 1Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

    ‘He was given the kiss of life and an ambulance was called.’
    • ‘After listening to her chest, he began to give her the kiss of life and attempted CPR using two of his fingers.’
    • ‘Mr Young, a trained first aider, felt a faint pulse and gave his wife the kiss of life after calling for an ambulance.’
    • ‘Beaux suddenly shouted, ‘Lemme give her the kiss of life!’’
    • ‘If they're unconscious ring 999 or, if you can, give the kiss of life.’
    • ‘I hit Tom's chest to start his heart and gave him the kiss of life until he took a breath.’
    • ‘The hero ended up in hospital when he gave the six-month-old the kiss of life after carrying her out of a blazing block of flats.’
    • ‘By the time I got there a gentleman was giving her the kiss of life trying to bring her round.’
    • ‘Scaring the killer off, he desperately attempts the kiss of life on the hopeless victim until relieved by police.’
    • ‘The GP later told her he had given her the kiss of life after she had turned blue following a life-threatening reaction to the painkilling drug.’
    1. 1.1An action or event that revives a failing enterprise.
      ‘good ratings gave the programme the kiss of life’
      • ‘Three years ago, they bought a battered complex of medieval, Tudor, Jacobean and Georgian buildings, and gave it the kiss of life.’
      • ‘Baxter's success has already given the sleepy skiing resort the kiss of life and has ignited plans for a proposed Aviemore centre.’
      • ‘‘The garden was waiting 50 years to be given the kiss of life,’ garden project director, Ian August says.’
      • ‘It wants to give the kiss of life to seven areas in and around the town centre which would improve the cultural, residential, retail, business and leisure aspects of New Town.’
      • ‘An ancient pathway which had fallen into disrepair over more than 100 years has been given a £20,000 kiss of life.’
      • ‘The length and breadth of the county, he has taken crumbling old shelters and given them the kiss of life.’
      • ‘In the past few years however the kiss of life has been given to the League of Ireland and now three years into the 21st Century, it is flourishing.’
      • ‘That goal gave the match the kiss of life it needed, but it would have taken more than a bit of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to revive Dunfermline's hopes.’
      • ‘Another kiss of life is required to take them into a new era and in this relay race, the sporting world dare not drop the baton.’
      • ‘There is potential in the bar, it just needs to be given the kiss of life by someone.’