Meaning of kiss off in English:

kiss off

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phrasal verb

informal North American
  • kiss someone or something off, kiss off someone or somethingDismiss or reject someone or something abruptly.

    • ‘she should kiss off the criticism’
    • ‘Sure, I might have kissed the series off earlier this year, but The Simpsons still remains my most favorite tv series ever.’
    • ‘His newspaper indicates his desperation to kiss the story off.’
    • ‘After the game, the referees were kissed off by Heinsohn, who must still be enraged by the one call that went against him in his 690 games as Celtics coach.’
    • ‘Why did The Washington Post kiss it off in one nasty paragraph?’
    • ‘They want all the assets, all the power, and they want us to just kiss it off and just say okay, you're free.’
    • ‘And when he kisses Brigid off, you suspect he's had her number all along.’
    • ‘Yet we may have brushed them aside, kissed them off, given them short shrift.’
    • ‘I never voted for the Greens and the Democrats have successfully kissed me off for a long, long time.’
    • ‘After one suspect kissed her off, she confessed to the Bay Street insider, ‘I have to tell you I hate Frank.’’
    • ‘Should your stencil sheet be too thin, lumpy or uneven it is a good idea to kiss it off as soon as you notice.’