Meaning of kissy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɪsi/


  • Characterized by or given to kissing; amorous.

    • ‘Dean and I were just getting kissy’
    • ‘To emphasize my point I made little smoochy, kissy noises at her.’
    • ‘Max and I finish the conversation - in which he tells me he hopes Roman and I have a nice time, because he also knows exactly what's going to happen - and we make kissy noises into the phone and hang up.’
    • ‘Babs made kissy noises and fluttered the enormous false eyelashes that she had stolen from her mother's bathroom.’
    • ‘I braced myself for an awkward editorial suggestion - maybe she wanted me to include more kissy scenes or tone down all the drinking that takes place before lunch period.’
    • ‘He puckered his lips at me and made kissy noises.’
    lustful, sexual, erotic, amatory, ardent