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  • 1A room or area where food is prepared and cooked.

    ‘It was now early evening, and Vera was in the kitchen, preparing the food that she had sent Bill out for.’
    • ‘There is also a large patio area that borders the kitchen and dining room.’
    • ‘We've become sedentary, convenience foods fill our kitchens, and stress is a common denominator.’
    • ‘Susan found Lila in the kitchen area, preparing a chicken for the evening meal.’
    • ‘Now both men and women cook, and the kitchen is no longer just a utilitarian room.’
    • ‘I smiled and went up to my room, leaving him alone in the kitchen to prepare dinner.’
    • ‘The dining room has been used by the present owner as a sitting room and has a kitchen area with wooden floors to the rear.’
    • ‘She scrambled down the stairs and through the living room to the kitchen where her mom was cooking dinner.’
    • ‘The interior is one big room and the open kitchen allows you to watch the cooks do their thing while you sip your drinks.’
    • ‘Surprisingly for such a large building, air conditioning is only used for underground rooms and service areas such as kitchens.’
    • ‘Judy regularly experiments with new recipes in her farmhouse kitchen.’
    • ‘The fitted kitchen has solid maple units with a black granite counter top; the floor and ceiling are timber.’
    • ‘Their top-floor living quarters included a kitchen, bathroom and lounge.’
    • ‘We no longer live in a time when the routines of household life revolve around the rhythms of the kitchen.’
    • ‘When Jake arrived home, tired and hot, Lisa was in the kitchen throwing together a salad.’
    • ‘There are a number of apartment types on offer, including two-bed duplex units with separate kitchens, and apartments with an open plan layout.’
    • ‘The kitchen is fitted with units of Canadian maple and includes a four-ring Miele gas hob.’
    • ‘Completing the accommodation is a ceramic tiled kitchen with fitted units and appliances, as well as a breakfast bar.’
    • ‘John is a man on a mission to persuade more of us to compost our garden and kitchen waste.’
    • ‘Their young children attend local schools and English is rapidly becoming the language spoken at the kitchen table.’
    cooking area, kitchenette, kitchen-diner, galley, cookhouse, bakehouse, scullery
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    1. 1.1A set of fitments and units that are sold together and fixed in place in a kitchen.
      ‘a fully fitted kitchen at a bargain price’
      • ‘Unlike other actors, who sell fitted kitchens or serve pizzas between gigs, Duffy goes to the gym and tries to keep hold of his sanity.’
      • ‘MFI is the market leader, and not only does the company sell fitted kitchens it also makes them too.’
      • ‘Fitted kitchens are, apparently, out in favour of standalone units.’
      • ‘The furniture giant, which has 13 stores across the UK, has traditionally sold its kitchens to customers who have had to arrange their own fitting.’
      • ‘A number of shareholders have called for the sale of the chain so the group could focus on its Howden business, which sells kitchens to builders and small developers.’
    2. 1.2in singular The cuisine of a particular country or region.
      ‘the dried shrimp pastes of the Thai kitchen’
      • ‘Every region in Italy has a different type of cheese and that's the beauty of the Italian kitchen.’
      • ‘In Japan, the restaurants are very specialized, so Tomita sought work in the US, wanting to explore all aspects of the Japanese kitchen.’
  • 2 informal The percussion section of an orchestra.

  • 3as modifier (of a language) in an uneducated or domestic form.

    • ‘kitchen Swahili’



/ˈkɪtʃɪn/ /ˈkɪtʃ(ə)n/


Old English cycene, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch keuken and German Küche, based on Latin coquere ‘to cook’.