Meaning of kitchen maid in English:

kitchen maid


mainly historical
  • A female domestic servant who works in a kitchen, especially as an assistant to a cook.

    ‘he found the butler in the kitchen, talking to some of the kitchen maids’
    • ‘Jenny is determined to make her own way in life, and finds a job as kitchen maid at a grand house in Beverley.’
    • ‘Then a door opened, and a young woman, presumably the kitchen maid, entered with a jug of water.’
    • ‘Our current kitchenmaid is about to leave us.’
    • ‘Between sobs he had stirred, whisked, and vehemently scolded the kitchen maids into attending their own bowls as reverently as he did his own.’
    • ‘That kitchen maid suddenly "left" town and was never heard from again.’
    • ‘It was still a lot more acceptable than being in jail, or starving on the streets, or begging a position as a kitchenmaid and starting from the very beginning yet again.’
    • ‘The kitchen maid had let it slip out that one of the maids had slipped something into the Queen's supper.’
    • ‘William could tell that the girl had probably not been the kitchen maid after all, but the man's daughter.’
    • ‘One morning Charlotte was surprised to learn from the kitchen maid that Mr Collins had finally left his sick bed.’
    • ‘All the people in the palace were lovely too in the elegant new clothes which the Queen had taken care to give them, from the ladies-in-waiting down to the poor little kitchen-maid.’