Meaning of kittenish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɪt(ə)nɪʃ/

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  • Playful, lively, or flirtatious.

    ‘her voice had that kittenish quality’
    • ‘She leaned her head against my shoulder, a kittenish move that would have been appropriate from an eight-year-old, and was extremely odd when performed by a woman who needed bifocals to read a menu.’
    • ‘Make-up-free, dressed down in jeans and a tank top with her blonde hair brushing her shoulders, she has the appeal of an old-time screen siren - kittenish, yet savvy and not to be trifled with.’
    • ‘From across the English Channel comes Modesty Blaise, kittenish superspy who, with her slippery sidekick Willie Garvin, tangles in various criminal intrigues at Her Majesty's behest.’
    • ‘She has glossy blond shoulder-length hair, and boasts a kittenish sex appeal that is completely natural, typically American and exactly in keeping with what we would expect from the daughter of Goldie Hawn.’
    • ‘It was quite a kittenish pose; she looked so young and coy one was compelled to imagine that her toes were pointed inward, like Minnie Mouse.’
    • ‘There is of course a long tradition of French girls delivering breathless, kittenish vocals over smoky, elegant pop.’
    • ‘Some fingers may point at the kittenish Nigella Lawson, whose book How to be a Domestic Goddess introduced a new generation to the old-fashioned joys of baking.’
    • ‘The actress has some kittenish mannerisms which sometimes distract but she drifts convincingly enough through the sticky New York nights.’
    • ‘She is now more pixieish than kittenish, which is part of what makes her so annoying.’
    • ‘Portman's character is the emotional center of the film, and she does an admirable job with a role that allows her to swing from kittenish teasing to calm self-possession to touching vulnerability.’
    • ‘Her hair was up now, in an elegantly subdued fashion which allowed only a few of her wild curls to escape and frame her angelically kittenish face.’
    • ‘She mocks their employer savagely behind his back and displays a kittenish charm to his face.’
    • ‘She's completely fresh, girlish, and accomplishes neatly the transition from kittenish innocence to energy and greed.’
    • ‘A kittenish nurse smiled up at him, but instantly frowned when she recognized him.’
    playful, fun-loving, light-hearted, skittish, mischievous, roguish, impish, frisky, lively
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