Meaning of Kiwi country in English:

Kiwi country


mass nouninformal
  • New Zealand.

    • ‘we visited the tower on our last day in Kiwi country’
    • ‘Kiwi country by daylight - backblocks Taranaki overlooked by the mountains of the Central Plateau.’
    • ‘Tuesday, June 14, we're heading for Kiwi Country!’
    • ‘He made the most of his chance to do a diving tour of Kiwi country’
    • ‘Never ones to pass up a vineyard in the best of times, we were more than willing to take a slight detour to recover from the introduction to driving in Kiwi country.’
    • ‘When you're out there cruising up and down the rolling hills of Kiwi country, pedal standing up as much as possible (this is called "honking," a term originated in England and also used in New Zealand).’
    • ‘Kiwi country dynamo Aly Cook has joined forces with Alan Jansson, the writer and producer behind OMC's How Bizarre.’
    • ‘He loves human attention and is already a celebrity - being one among the only 125 kakapos in the world - travelling across kiwi country to meet his fans.’
    • ‘The only time in half a century that the Welsh have been beaten fair and square in the race for the scrum-half berth was in Kiwi country in 1993, when Dewi Morris of England was first pick.’
    • ‘The debate over dumping the red-white-and blue of the Union flag has been raging in the Kiwi country since the 1970s’
    • ‘If it's mid-summer in North America, it's mid-winter in kiwi country and alpine skiing is in full swing.’