Meaning of kiwi feather in English:

kiwi feather


  • A feather from a kiwi used in making or decorating items of Maori ceremonial dress.

    ‘they still treasure cloaks made with kiwi feathers’
    • ‘The flag of the Anglican Communion along with Sir Paul's korowai (kiwi feather cloak) will be draped across Sir Paul's headstone.’
    • ‘Its feathers are valued in weaving kahukiwi (kiwi feather cloak) for people of high rank.’
    • ‘The Times says a 17th century tapestry, the Onslow's library, a collection of porcelain birds, paintings of the stately home's founders and a cloak of kiwi feathers are believed lost, as is a football which was kicked across no man's land at the start of the Battle of the Somme.’
    • ‘Both of them are made of kiwi feathers.’
    • ‘Moments earlier he was presented with a traditional, ceremonial coat (a korowai), made of flax and kiwi feathers, while others did a fearsome haka dance wearing traditional Maori dress.’
    • ‘A korowai cloak made with kiwi feathers was draped around the shoulders of the 27 -year-old when he arrived at the Supreme Court building covered in an intricate bronze screen depicting native trees.’
    • ‘During this epic tour, the Queen acquired a rather tired-looking Maori cloak of brown kiwi feathers, a symbol of chieftainship which she still wears when in New Zealand, and several fabulous diamond brooches emblematic of the host countries.’
    • ‘An early 19th century Maori costume, a Black Tag mantle whose kiwi feather and parrot breast red feather border indicates it was worn by a person of rank, has a price tag of £3,200.’
    • ‘Others wear stately-looking head-chaplets of brown kiwi feathers.’
    • ‘The mottled, round star cloud just to the north is a perfect match for the dense but fine coat of Kiwi feathers.’