Meaning of kleptocratic in English:


Pronunciation /klɛptəˈkratɪk/


See kleptocrat

‘Aristide agreed to pay the debts accumulated under the kleptocratic Duvalier dictatorships, slash the civil service, open up Haiti to ‘free trade’ and cut import tariffs on rice and corn.’
  • ‘During the 32-year long kleptocratic rule of the authoritarian president Soeharto the huge Indonesian archipelago was ruled from Jakarta.’
  • ‘Many of those who speak at the UN are representative of no one save the kleptocratic or autocratic cliques who hold power by force in their respective states.’
  • ‘Africa's poverty won't be lifted unless its kleptocratic governments and feudal economic systems change.’
  • ‘It has experienced decades of repression by a kleptocratic military, communal violence and the degradation of a once vibrant economy.’