Meaning of klieg light in English:

klieg light

Pronunciation /'kliːɡ lʌɪt/


  • A powerful electric lamp used in filming.

    ‘They were preceded by a bus carrying a generator shining a huge klieg light on the procession, so that video-cameramen could immortalise the scene.’
    • ‘As darkness fell, the eerie scene was lit by huge banks of bright industrial klieg lights to help rescuers.’
    • ‘It's hard to figure why the owners would go to the trouble of fitting out appealing outdoor dining patios, only to light them with banks of glary klieg lights.’
    • ‘‘Those who remain in the embassy are spies,’ he declared, his voice calm and clear, his fresh young face fairly glowing in the unfamiliar klieg lights.’
    • ‘The real politics - the arm twisting, the negotiation, the wielding of power - only really began once the bunting was taken down and the klieg lights turned off.’


1920s named after the American brothers, Anton T. Kliegl (1872–1927) and John H. Kliegl (1869–1959), who invented it.