Meaning of klipspringer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklɪpˌsprɪŋə/


  • A small rock-dwelling antelope with a yellowish-grey coat, an arched back, and a stiff bouncing gait, native to southern Africa.

    Oreotragus oreotragus, family Bovidae

    ‘The Reserve is stocked with small game - blesbok, mountain reebok, duiker, klipspringer and steenbok, as well as the small creatures: mongoose, tortoise and genet.’
    • ‘In the hills are the nimble klipspringers which explore these hilly rocky outcrops.’
    • ‘Klipspringers and common jackals are also a regular sight on the plateau, and with luck you may even spot Walia ibex expertly balancing on the vertiginous rock ledges.’


Late 18th century from Afrikaans, from Dutch klip ‘rock’ + springer ‘jumper’.