Meaning of kludgy in English:


adjectiveadjective kludgier, adjective kludgiest

(also kludgey)
informal Computing
  • Awkwardly or inelegantly made or done.

    • ‘you can copy files over a network using slightly kludgy onscreen menus’
    • ‘Adobe acknowledged the fix is complicated and somewhat kludgy, but it does get designers back up and running.’
    • ‘Back then, Windows 3.1 was a kludgey, moth-eaten curtain hung in front of DOS.’
    • ‘It may just be that we're not comfortable with it yet, but the browsing is kind of cludgy.’
    • ‘Kludgy workarounds and dedicated networks for a handful of devices are not sustainable solutions.’
    • ‘That's still a big premium to pay for portability and extra battery life when you can get much more powerful (but heavier and kludgier) laptops for much less.’



/ˈklʌdʒi/ /ˈkluːdʒi/


1970s from kludge + -y.