Meaning of klystron in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklʌɪstrɒn/


  • An electron tube that generates or amplifies microwaves by velocity modulation.

    ‘Modern circular accelerators place klystrons and electromagnets around a circular copper tube to speed up particles.’
    • ‘The electrons travel through the klystron in cavities, where their speed is regulated.’
    • ‘These klystrons will be replaced by devices designed to operate for a duration of 1000 s, which are currently being tested.’
    • ‘Microwave generation was by means of a klystron and the frequency was measured with a built-in frequency counter.’
    • ‘A storage ring has the same components as the main accelerator but with fewer klystrons.’


1930s from Greek kluzein, klus- ‘wash over’ + -tron.