Meaning of knee pad in English:

knee pad


  • A protective covering for the knee, worn especially when playing sport.

    ‘The safety-conscious use head gear, gloves, and knee pads.’
    • ‘Some people prefer the big water-resistant pads with handles, while others prefer strap-on knee pads.’
    • ‘Any dancer who sees the show winces at how often the dancers slide on their knees and paws, without a knee pad in sight.’
    • ‘You need knee pads that strap right onto your knees, or those that can in some way be attached to your slacks.’
    • ‘Gardeners should use foam knee pads and take frequent breaks from kneeling.’
    • ‘They wore knee pads because play was rough, with frequent fights over balls that went out of bounds.’
    • ‘They were extraordinary, skating without helmets or knee pads, invading empty swimming pools like backstreet bandits, brave and single-minded and uniquely talented.’
    • ‘When they go for a drink in their team kit - whites tucked into brown leather knee pads - the logo is there.’
    • ‘Those taking part should take knee pads and roller blades, although some equipment can be provided.’
    • ‘Knee pads are often the first thing to hit the pavement, and need to stay in place while you're sliding.’