Meaning of kneecap in English:


Pronunciation /ˈniːkap/

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  • The convex bone in front of the knee joint; the patella.

    ‘It affects the cartilage on the back of the kneecap and causes pain and stiffness, especially when going up and down stairs.’
    • ‘The tendon that connects the kneecap to the thigh muscle (patellar tendon) can be torn if the knee is bent too far back.’
    • ‘He needs more surgery, this time to graft together the bone in the kneecap.’
    • ‘Drilled into his knee was a large hole where the bullet had smashed into his kneecap, shattering two bones.’
    • ‘He lost his leg just above the kneecap last year as a result of a motorcycle accident.’

verbverb kneecaps, verb kneecapping, verb kneecapped

[with object]
  • Shoot (someone) in the knee or leg as a form of punishment.

    as noun kneecapping ‘petty crimes are punished by kneecapping’
    • ‘Three years earlier Mr Smith had kneecapped him, breaking his leg with a baseball bat after drugs he was looking after went missing, the jury heard.’
    • ‘Would you be afraid to meet him late at night in a dark alley, just in case he was carrying a crowbar and threatening to kneecap you?’
    • ‘The less-than-dynamic duo may yet get it right, especially if they can stop kneecapping themselves with stupid stunts.’
    • ‘On one side, new media with new styles are booming; on the other, credibility crises have kneecapped such previously authoritative institutions as CBS News, The New York Times, and the BBC.’
    • ‘A fellow in the audience said I should be kneecapped for making these remarks.’
    • ‘A long slump in oil prices, 17 percent inflation and unemployment of at least nine percent has kneecapped Iran's economy.’
    • ‘Schools kneecapped by tax cuts become ‘failing schools’ and get further funding cuts.’
    • ‘The strong chassis, excellent impact absorption and multiple airbags (including one under the steering wheel to prevent it from kneecapping the driver) won it five safety stars.’
    • ‘In the last two months, they are reported to have carried out at least 13 punishment shootings in Belfast and South Armagh - often involving youths being kneecapped for joyriding, petty theft, drug taking and other offences.’
    • ‘This is particularly so in an environment where worker alienation is so strong and the once authoritative independent commission has been kneecapped.’
    • ‘For many years people stayed away from Northern Ireland, frightened that they might be shot, bombed or kneecapped in the street for no reason other than their Religion.’
    • ‘He must not enter Railton Terrace in Moston, where he allegedly approached a resident and threatened to have him kneecapped.’
    • ‘The boy's first taste of warfare was to kneecap a prisoner from the rebel forces.’
    • ‘Mr Hackett said the defendant then left the house making threats to petrol bomb it and to kneecap his family.’
    • ‘They made lots of general party noise, which was fine up to about 11 p.m. After that, I wanted to go outside and kneecap them all with my cricket bat.’
    • ‘The kneecapping, tar and feathering, the beatings, and the killing (if you didn't comply with the 1st warning) were respected by many in the nationalist community.’
    • ‘The jury heard the kneecapping took place in February 1999, three years before Hickson shot Smith dead.’
    • ‘In real life he's heavily involved in a secret life of gangland crime and kneecapping.’