Meaning of knife crime in English:

knife crime


mass noun
  • Criminal offences committed using a knife as a weapon.

    ‘the Home Office announced a raft of measures to crack down on knife crime’
    • ‘a recent spate of knife crimes’
    • ‘Police forces are also concerned about the increase in knife crime.’
    • ‘Particular alarm has been caused by the growth in knife crime by schoolchildren.’
    • ‘Under-25s are most often the victims and the perpetrators of knife crime, but many incidents go unreported.’
    • ‘I think all communities affected by gun and knife crime would support it.’
    • ‘All the couple's offences except the knife crime and one bail offence were committed in York and none was jointly charged.’
    • ‘He said: "Compared to other areas our knife crime is very low, but we have still got local lessons to learn."’
    • ‘I also believe we can cut knife crime, increase teenage participation in sport and bring back the Routemaster, all at no additional cost to the taxpayer.’
    • ‘With knife crime, we are concerned about the number of young people involved and the age of both victims and offenders.’
    • ‘This was significant, he said, as more than half of London knife crime involved robberies.’
    • ‘There were more than 26,000 serious knife crimes last year, new figures show.’