Meaning of knock-back in English:




  • A refusal, rejection, or setback.

    • ‘don't despair if you have a few knock-backs’
    • ‘He has suffered more knock-backs in the last two years than most players will suffer in a career.’
    • ‘It has taken seven years' hard work and several knock-backs along the way for the sports centre committee to get from idea stage to securing the funding and work beginning.’
    • ‘Although he's had his fair share of knocks and knock-backs, his passion for the medium hasn't diminished.’
    • ‘Be prepared for the knock-backs and spending months looking for work.’
    • ‘According to another industry source, which had received a similar knock-back, telecoms firms were even told that if they sent technical staff to advise government they would then be unable to take part in any future bidding process.’
    • ‘The company hoping to create a 560 home ‘rural village’ in Menston has been left reeling after a shock knock-back by Leeds planning councillors.’
    • ‘The skills centre project will still go ahead despite the knock-back from the Government, but the council, which will use its own money, will apply again for funding.’
    • ‘The knock-back prompted two vicars to quit their posts on the Bishop of Manchester's staff and more than 1,000 people signed an online petition in protest.’
    • ‘Friends of mine have tried this with other men and had mixed results: one pal got a knock-back because the guy thought she was too forward.’
    • ‘Supporters trying to stop the closure of Lowick School have vowed to fight on despite receiving a knock-back in their campaign.’
    • ‘If you get a knock-back you return six weeks later better prepared.’
    • ‘The harsh reality of life is knock-backs, you have to learn to suffer defeats and disappointments.’
    • ‘After you've got a few knock-backs from demos you kind of get a sense of how to best present your demos so they don't get looked over.’
    • ‘The mother-of-two said her only brother had suffered a lot of knock-backs in the last three years, but he remained resolute.’
    • ‘When you lose a leader it's a big knock-back to the group.’
    • ‘The developers then incurred a further knock-back in December when Mary McCarthy decided to appeal the permission that had been granted.’
    • ‘She is desperate for work but is deflated by the regular knock-backs.’
    • ‘For a man not used to rejection, Clooney is taking this latest knock-back on the chin.’
    • ‘At the same time, I'm trying to get past an automatic feeling of negativity and lack of confidence, and convince myself that this knock-back only means that there are other opportunities on the horizon.’
    • ‘But this early knock-back hasn't put Darius off.’
    problem, difficulty, issue, hitch, complication, upset, disappointment, misfortune, mishap, piece of bad luck, unfortunate development, reversal, reverse, reverse of fortune