Meaning of knock-off in English:



  • A copy or imitation, especially of an expensive product.

    • ‘knock-off merchandise’
    • ‘It is an expensive knock-off, but a knock-off all the same.’
    • ‘Chinatown has always had illegal vendors who sell knock-offs and kitsch, but in the past year the industry has grown and the vendors are offering more sophisticated counterfeit goods that are in high demand.’
    • ‘Once you have identified a work which violates your copyright, what can you do in order to stop the auctions early on and prevent these knock-offs from entering the stream of commerce?’
    • ‘Regardless of its many knock-offs, the success of the Tomb Raider franchise seems to me to be a bit of a fluke.’
    • ‘Entrepreneurs jumped in, and for a while cheaper knock-offs supplied the diminishing demand.’
    • ‘Remember, parallel imports aren't cheap knock-offs from Hong Kong, but usually end-of-line goods imported by a third country.’
    • ‘The arrival of the ‘clones ‘- generic knock-offs of the IBM design - forced prices down.’’
    • ‘Along the Corso Buenos Aires near the train station prices are affordable and designer knock-offs abound.’
    • ‘It was the time when many of the urban élite would return from visits to Paris with the latest fashions while the less well-off sported convincing knock-offs.’
    • ‘The horror genre had run its course during the '80s, mostly because filmmakers were so quick to cash in on the popularity by releasing inferior sequels and lame knock-offs.’
    • ‘Rather than struggling to come up with their own original idea, they threw out a gaggle of thinly disguised knock-offs.’
    • ‘The knowledgeable gun-buying public does not see Smith & Wesson's Value Series guns as cheap knock-offs, but rather as bargains.’
    • ‘This film is more or less responsible for influencing the style of all the cheap knock-offs that have since followed, with more to come.’
    • ‘After decades of trying to compete with cheap knock-offs of the original 1933 design, Anglepoise has decided to appeal to the design cognoscenti by going seriously upmarket.’
    • ‘A hot topic these days is the flood of extremely poor quality, foreign made knock-offs of custom designs that are littering the discount outlets.’
    • ‘Not just because I'm a staunch hard sci-fi kind of guy, but most fantasy, to me, consists of poorly written Tolkein knock-offs.’
    • ‘He then meets Jean-Michel, a charismatic crook who earns money by selling knock-offs, and the two form an uneasy partnership.’
    • ‘So, the fashion industry is rife with knock-offs.’
    • ‘I'm not even sure those dolls are Barbies, I think they might be knock-offs from the 99-cent store.’
    • ‘Don't buy knock-offs - they are rip-offs for everyone concerned - except the guy selling them.’
    fake, faked, copied, forged, feigned, simulated, sham, spurious, bogus, imitation, substitute, dummy, ersatz
    fake, forgery, copy, reproduction, replica, imitation, likeness, lookalike, mock-up, dummy, substitute, fraud, sham