Meaning of knock together in English:

knock together

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phrasal verb

  • knock something together, knock together somethingAssemble something in a hasty and makeshift way.

    ‘he must have knocked the furniture together himself.’
    • ‘I knocked a nice dinner together - thick-cut ham, bubble & squeak, tomato salad and baked beans, followed by a pot of black cherry yoghurt - and enjoyed it greatly.’
    • ‘He's knocking some tracks together and trying to get an album together at the moment.’
    • ‘First-aid and tool kits were knocked together from bits and pieces, and numerous repairs and modifications made the boat safer and diving from her easier.’
    • ‘He responded that as the questions were largely what might pop into the head of whoever knocked the survey together, one should perhaps not read too much into them.’
    • ‘You can't just knock these things together in a couple of hours.’
    • ‘Well, they did manage to knock together a business plan and get a grant from Inverness Enterprise.’
    • ‘It would take him no time at all to knock together a chicken coop and it's not like they don't have enough room for it.’
    • ‘I've knocked together a little Perl script.’
    • ‘One evening we arrived at his home and found his wife had not returned from a meeting so I knocked together a salad for us from the contents of their fridge.’
    • ‘He picks up a 3 - D model which looks like something a Blue Peter presenter might have knocked together out of chicken wire, and peers at me through it.’