Meaning of knocking shop in English:

knocking shop


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informal British
  • A brothel.

    • ‘It'd make the back bedroom look like a bloody knocking shop.’
    • ‘The old ‘one pub for every day of the year’ did actually hold true at one time, in the days when Walmgate and Fossgate were full of knocking shops and boozers.’
    • ‘Even if we had a state-sponsored knocking shop in every town and village, there would still be prostitution elsewhere.’
    • ‘Tthe Old Bill had charged mob-handed into the local knocking shop, and the shouts and screams were of punters and fallen women caught on the job by some huge bruiser in body armour wielding a huge truncheon.’
    • ‘If men really respected women and want to maintain the dignity of women they would not go to a glorified knocking shop.’
    bordello, house of ill repute, house of prostitution