Meaning of knothole in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnɒthəʊl/


  • A hole in a piece of timber where a knot has fallen out, or in a tree trunk where a branch has decayed.

    ‘Discreet knotholes in the wood provided excellent openings for eavesdropping.’
    • ‘Somehow, it reminds me of when I was a kid, sitting in church, bored, staring at the pine wood ceiling, counting or looking for patterns in the knotholes.’
    • ‘I could clearly see the bark, knotholes, even trunk rings in the petrified stumps - an indication of the growth of the trees in spring and summer.’
    • ‘I placed my foot onto one of the knotholes on the trunk and hoisted myself up.’
    • ‘I'd been hoping there might be a knothole on the inside wall that would give me a view down over the classroom.’