Meaning of knout in English:


Pronunciation /naʊt/


  • (in imperial Russia) a whip used to inflict punishment, often causing death.

    ‘Hugo Haase told the French socialists that ‘what the Prussian boot means to you, the Russian knout means to us’.’
    • ‘The men hold heavy, thick-ended knouts of ash; most of their sons carry whippy stems of hazel.’
    • ‘‘Sergei - Kap - please don't -’ I begged, but the sting of the knout against the skin of my back made me cry out in mid-plea.’
    whip, horsewhip, bullwhip, switch, scourge, flagellum, cat-o'-nine-tails, cat, thong, flail, strap, birch, cane


[with object]
  • Flog (someone) with a knout.


Mid 17th century via French from Russian knut, from Old Norse knútr; related to knot.