Meaning of know no bounds in English:

know no bounds


  • Have no limits.

    ‘their courage knows no bounds’
    • ‘Similarly, man's imagination has no limits and his inventiveness knows no bounds.’
    • ‘One could say their generosity knows no bounds.’
    • ‘Clearly, the ego of this deluded man knows no bounds.’
    • ‘The generosity of Swindon folk knows no bounds.’
    • ‘A respected writer and academic, he drops names like confetti, judges everyone, hates to lose at anything and has an arrogance that knows no bounds.’
    • ‘The band's propensity for hedonism knows no bounds.’
    • ‘Back in London, my enthusiasm for salsa now knows no bounds.’
    • ‘Peter's dedication to the sport knows no bounds and his love of St. Anne's B.C. is legendary.’
    • ‘It was a testament to love that knows no bounds that my wife stuck with me for the three years we lived there.’
    • ‘Her death came at the peak of a career as an innovator whose passion for dance knew no bounds.’