Meaning of know something inside out in English:

know something inside out


  • Know something very thoroughly.

    ‘she knows the moor inside out’
    • ‘But he has come a long way in a year and now knows the business inside out.’
    • ‘So it's important for a good Stage Manager to know the play inside out and back to front.’
    • ‘If you don't know it inside out and backwards, you are in trouble.’
    • ‘He is an excellent manager who knows the game inside out.’
    • ‘People who head up high-performing businesses really know the business inside out and tend to have been there for a long time.’
    • ‘I feel that I have learned so much from Terry and, in knowing the club inside out, have something to offer.’
    • ‘Eleven-year-old daughter Holly might be the chief taster (sweet-toothed Robin likes to help too), but it is Jackie who knows her chocolates inside out despite the fact that she rarely eats them herself.’
    • ‘It was the easy talk of two people who know each other inside out.’
    • ‘Most importantly, however, Miller is a man who knows the Lions inside out.’
    • ‘For someone who knows the table tennis game inside out those views ought to be taken on board by the powers that be.’
    acquire a knowledge of, gain an understanding of, acquire skill in, become competent in, become proficient in, grasp, master, take in, absorb, assimilate, pick up, digest, familiarize oneself with