Meaning of know the ropes in English:

know the ropes

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  • Have experience of the appropriate procedures.

    ‘He has been in the limelight for six years now and knows the ropes.’
    • ‘He had minimal playing experience in the majors, but he has been in baseball since the '70s and knows the ropes.’
    • ‘One of the most efficient and safest ways to see the most sights in the least amount of time is with a tour guide who knows the ropes.’
    • ‘The customs officials and immigration officers know the ropes and take you through every step - this is their job and they do it well.’
    • ‘They are welcomed, encouraged and helped by the friendly staff and older members who already know the ropes.’
    • ‘I have been to Thailand a few times, so I know the ropes, or at least I think I do.’
    • ‘He had traveled a lot overseas on business and kind of knew the ropes… but we were too tired to care.’
    • ‘But having people there from home who knew the ropes made it a lot easier for me.’
    • ‘Needless to say, I could use some direction and encouragement from someone who knows the ropes.’
    • ‘Once you know the ropes, blogging is easy - and fun.’