Meaning of kokako in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːkakəʊ/

nounplural noun kokakos

  • A large New Zealand wattlebird with dark blue-grey plumage, a black downcurved bill, and two blue or orange wattles.

    Callaeas cinerea, family Callaeidae

    ‘Possums can munch half a pound of foliage a day and prey on the eggs and chicks of endangered birds like the kokako, kereru, and kiwi - New Zealand's iconic national bird.’
    • ‘Its cousin, the stunning kokako, is slate gray with sky-blue wattles decorating a black-masked face.’
    • ‘Our love for the kiwi, the kokako, and the sperm whale unites us all - as does our commitment to their future well-being.’
    • ‘I took out my tape recorder, played a call - to which a kokako responded with a beautiful little song.’
    • ‘In particular searches have been made for the kiwi, blue duck, yellow head and the South Island kokako.’


Late 19th century from Maori.