Meaning of kolkhoz in English:


nounplural noun kolkhoz, plural noun kolkhozes, plural noun kolkhozy

  • A collective farm in the former Soviet Union.

    ‘Growing up on a kolkhoz, he had been doing a man's work since the age of twelve.’
    • ‘Together they worked on a kolkhoz.’
    • ‘The relatively large scale of the kolkhozy was also consistent with Marxist beliefs in the existence of economies of scale in agriculture and in the desirability of mechanization.’
    • ‘Ivan Denisovich's thoughts lie in his hometown of Temnenovo, where he learns from his wife's letters that the men of the village are abandoning the kolkhoz, or collective farms.’
    • ‘In the aftermath of collectivization and grain requisitioning, the Communist Party was suspicious of ‘hostile’ peasants and ‘backward’ women who led uprisings against kolkhozy.’



/ˈkɒlkɒz/ /kʌlkˈhɔːz/


1920s Russian, from kol(lektivnoe) khoz(yaĭstvo) ‘collective farm’.