Significado de koruru en en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈkɔːrʊrə/


inglés de Nueva Zelanda
  • A carved mask fitted as a decoration on the gable peak of a Maori meeting house.

    ‘a canopy was erected with four sets of koruru’
    • ‘The founding ancestor after whom this meeting house is usually named is depicted by the koruru.’
    • ‘There was meant to be an ancestral figure up there, a proper koruru.’
    • ‘The koruru crowning the apex of the house is his head.’
    • ‘At the apex of the maibi, above the doorway, is the koruru or central carving.’
    • ‘The name of the carved head (koruru) on the front gable is visible.’
    • ‘His arms are the maihi, the boards sloping down from the koruru to form the roof.’
    • ‘The koruru is the head of the ancestor.’
    • ‘Two photographs show the koruru decorated with what are believed to be hawk feathers.’
    • ‘The koruru is curiously wrought with detail manaia carving on the forehead.’
    • ‘The front of the house has at the apex of the gable a large carved head which we call the koruru.’


Late 19th century Maori.