Meaning of kransky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkranski/


  • A sausage made from veal and smoked pork, usually eaten fried or grilled.

    ‘here you can buy relishes and sauerkraut to go with your kranskies’
    • ‘We made potato salad and shared kranskies with the others.’
    • ‘I had a couple of big kransky sausages and half a can of beans.’
    • ‘I remember being pushed through the market and being fed pieces of smelly cooked kransky.’
    • ‘She had grated cheese on her Kransky.’
    • ‘The sauce detracted from the simple perfection of the kaiser roll, grilled onions and barbecued kransky combination.’
    • ‘Also on offer will be German beers and a selection of delicacies including pork hocks, pretzels, kranskies, potato pancakes and continental cakes.’
    • ‘What on earth can there be in kranskies that one might crave, apart from half a pound of nitrates?’


Late 19th century from Slovene kranjska klobasa.