Meaning of Krautrocker in English:



See Krautrock

‘‘Happiness’ mixes drum & bass with the soundtrack to some obscure 60's spy flick, ‘Befriend The Friendless Friends’ ushers in some music hall action, and ‘Avantcore’ samples original Krautrockers Can.’
  • ‘Though the out-there space rock of Tago Mago is generally regarded as these Krautrockers' apex, this calm-after-the-storm follow-up sounds far less like an artifact of its time.’
  • ‘The real impetus behind the ‘interstellar’ explorations of the Krautrockers was a desire for freedom - chiefly musical freedom, although given the postwar German climate, a political subtext certainly played a role.’
  • ‘But Kawabata's crew aren't merely Krautrockers; La Novia shows a deep respect for the traditional folk form and integrates it completely with the long forays into deep space.’
  • ‘The track served as a huge wake-up call for me personally, too: unchallengeable proof that radio pop could rival even the most drugged-up Krautrockers in experimentation.’