Meaning of kulak in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkuːlak/


  • A peasant in Russia wealthy enough to own a farm and hire labour. Emerging after the emancipation of serfs in the 19th century the kulaks resisted Stalin's forced collectivization, but millions were arrested, exiled, or killed.

    ‘Many in the party were now convinced that kulaks were holding the country to ransom.’
    • ‘I remember the despair of educated land owners who had become dispossessed kulaks.’
    • ‘The killing of the kulaks was the practical application of Marxist epistemology.’
    • ‘Fearing they would be labeled kulaks, people also fled their homes and villages.’
    • ‘The Soviets dealt with their kulaks before establishing hegemony over Eastern Europe.’
    bumpkin, country bumpkin, country cousin, rustic, countryman, countrywoman, country dweller, daughter of the soil, son of the soil, peasant, provincial, oaf, lout, boor, barbarian


Russian, literally ‘fist, tight-fisted person’, from Turkic ḳol ‘hand’.