Meaning of kush in English:


Pronunciation /kʊʃ/


mass noun
  • 1A variety or strain of the indica subspecies of cannabis plant.

    as modifier ‘kush plants love warm outdoor climates’
    • ‘ There were a few kush products that seemed compelling.’
    • ‘No process exists that would allow growers to verify their version of purple kush as the same purple kush another grower might produce.’
    • ‘A kush plant is small in size and offers relaxing or sedating effects.’
    • ‘It is fairly easy to grow kush cannabis here in the U.S. as the genetics make this plant very resistant to various environmental elements.’
    • ‘He and his colleagues worked among row upon row of Afghan kush and about three dozen other varieties available at one of Washington's first legal marijuana farms.’
    • ‘The group offers four different strains—blue dream, pink kush, white widow and Afghan bull rider—with plans to expand to 20 strains in the near future.’
    • ‘Farmers aiming to raise bumper crops of purple kush are seeing their real estate options, already limited by the new state law, narrow by the day.’
    • ‘In his indoor facility, he grows various strains including sativa and kush.’
    • ‘It was backbreaking, spirit-sucking work, and the book is a litany of the horticultural errors that can cripple a choice crop of kush.’
    • ‘Many growers choose to grow kush strains for their heavy yields and manageable height.’
    1. 1.1Cannabis made from kush plants, typically containing a high level of THC (the main active ingredient of cannabis)
      ‘the rest of us ended up smoking kush’
      • ‘He wasn't about to miss the release of his custom strain of kush.’
      • ‘All across the globe, folks who are fans of the kush and leaf are undoubtedly toking up for the stoner holiday 420.’
      • ‘A man supplying kush to college students was nabbed by police on Monday evening.’
      • ‘He said kush was a more potent type of marijuana.’
      • ‘We will still trace how the kush was able to enter the country.’
      • ‘According to police, the kush seized from the suspects came from California.’
      • ‘I appreciate good kush, but I don't get it anymore because of the probation.’
      • ‘He rubs it in that he's decked out in Burberry and spends his time smoking kush.’
      • ‘This is where I put down my iPad and go smoke some kush.’
      • ‘The guy's just high off the kush.’
      • ‘The rest of us end up smoking kush and playing FIFA on a Friday night.’


1980s from the name of the Hindu Kush, a range of mountains in northern Pakistan and Afghanistan, from where the plants are thought to originate.