Meaning of Kutani in English:


Pronunciation /kʊˈtɑːni/


mass nounalso Kutani ware
  • A kind of richly decorated Japanese porcelain, especially that of the 17th century, or of a 19th-century red and gold style.

    ‘The second part of the article about Japanese ceramics is about Arita, Kakiemon, Fukugawa, Kutani, Satsuma, Banko Earthenware and Satsuma pottery.’
    • ‘Widely collected in the West in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Hirado porcelains were considered on a par with Hizen province porcelains such as Arita, Kaldemon, Kutani, and Nabeshima wares.’
    • ‘Today, Kutani Ware maintains a prominent place in Japanese Tea Ceremony.’
    • ‘Kutani ware is known for its bold designs and large areas of brilliant enamels.’


Late 19th century from Kutani-mura, the name of a Japanese village in the former province of Kaga.