Meaning of Kwa in English:


Pronunciation /kwɑː/


  • Relating to a major branch of the Niger–Congo family of languages, spoken from Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) to Nigeria and including Igbo and Yoruba.

    ‘Formerly considered as a Kwa language, recent research has placed Ibo in the Benue-Congo family of languages.’
    • ‘Serialization, for instance, has been attributed to substratum from the African languages, particularly the Kwa group.’
    • ‘The Kwa group of languages, spoken by 75 percent of the population of Ghana, is generally spoken in the southern part of the country.’
    • ‘Togo's earliest known inhabitants were Gur-speaking Voltaic peoples in the north and Kwa peoples in the south.’
    • ‘Agni and Baoule, both Kwa languages, are the most widely spoken languages in the south.’
    • ‘French is the official language of government, but both Ewe of the Kwa language family and Kabye of the Gur language family have semi-official status.’


mass noun
  • The Kwa group of languages.


The name in Kwa.