Meaning of kyat in English:


Pronunciation /kiːˈɑːt/

nounplural noun kyat, plural noun kyats

  • The basic monetary unit of Burma (Myanmar), equal to 100 pyas.

    ‘Compensation of only 250 kyats - then about two dollars - was to be paid per property.’
    • ‘This is the main reason the kyat collapsed to 350 to the dollar.’
    • ‘Under the new arrangement, lowest-ranking officials will get an overall monthly remuneration of 3,000 kyat while top officials will get 15,000 kyat.’
    • ‘In a city famed for its golden pagodas, they build crumbling temporary shelters, beg for kyat (the nearly worthless local currency), and try to avoid police and army soldiers.’
    • ‘Taxi drivers, proud and immaculately groomed in long, Burmese sarongs, politely requested U.S. dollars, since the value of the kyat, Burma's currency, has fallen through the floor.’
    • ‘In the past few weeks, the value of the Burmese currency has halved to around 800 kyat to the dollar.’
    • ‘The estate is estimated to be worth 400 million kyat, but it is unclear what price it would fetch on the open market in economically battered Myanmar.’
    • ‘In neighboring Myanmar, the military government there marked the anti-drug day by opening a ‘Drug Elimination Museum’ said to have cost 820 million kyat.’
    • ‘Citing a recent corruption incident at a trade checkpoint in northern Myanmar on the border with China, Shwe Mann said, ‘We have taken action against responsible officials involved in corruption of thousands of millions of kyats.’’