Meaning of kype in English:


Pronunciation /kʌɪp/


  • A hook formed on the lower jaw of adult male salmon and trout during the breeding season.

    ‘Hen salmon have a tiny kype on the lower jaw but unlike cocks they retain normal head proportions while in the river.’
    • ‘The fish at the river mouths will be a mix of types, all the way from dark males with bold kypes to silver missiles full of energy.’
    • ‘The largest male is dominant and defends his territory by charging the smaller ones, using his kype to nip them.’
    • ‘They do this around spawning time, when they have developed big kypes, the hooked portion of the lower jaw.’
    • ‘They slash each other with these kypes in fights among themselves to determine who will spawn with the females.’


1930s variant of Scots kip, perhaps influenced by pike.